Why investing in

solar energy

is a great
business decision

Powering a commercial building using solar energy is a strategic decision that guarantees a significant financial return for your business.
Solar energy is free, renewable and environmentally-friendly so not only will your business make substantial savings on energy, but it will reduce the carbon footprint of your company.
Powerhug specialise in commercial installations and give accurate, honest and clear advice to ensure you receive the best solution for your energy saving requirements.
Our vast in-depth knowledge of commercial installations enables us to help save your company from the ever-spiralling costs of energy.

Don’t take our word for it – this is what we provided for a company in West Malling, Kent:


Significant reduction in business energy costs has been instrumental in improving profitability

From the moment I reached out to them, I was impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail.

Their team of experts was knowledgeable and helped me identify the possibilities open to me and how they would impact my business. They provided me with a tailored solution that met my requirements, and their customer service was excellent throughout the entire process.

The product installation they delivered exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their work has helped me significantly reduce my energy costs and has been instrumental in improving my profitability.

Overall, I highly recommend Powerhug for anyone looking to reduce their operating costs. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and their expertise make them a top choice in the industry.

David Charman, Director – Parkfoot Garages

Powerhug offer a range of renewable products allowing us to take a holistic view of your requirements, thereby offering you the most cost-effective solution.

Solar PV

Solar energy is one of the cheapest forms of energy. When light shines on the panels, electricity is created, even on a cloudy day. Your electricity cost will reduce from day one.

You will also reduce your carbon footprint, the average installation can save around one ton of carbon each year, which is good for your company’s environmental credentials.


Increasingly, companies are choosing to complement their Solar installation with battery storage as it can improve the performance by capturing surplus electricity and saving it, so it can be used later.

A battery will reduce your energy costs even further as there is less need to buy power from the grid.

Solar Thermal

If your company uses a lot of water, then you will stand to gain from installing a solar thermal system. These systems are suitable for wide range of businesses including agriculture, hospitality and leisure as well as being ideal for new build properties.

Solar thermal can be integrated to work in conjunction with other renewable means of heat or electricity generation. It could generate a large proportion of your hot water requirements, providing large savings for your business.

Air & Ground sourced heat pumps

Heat pumps provide increased efficiency, even in the most demanding of commercial environments. They can save up to 60% over standard heating systems.

Heat pumps are very reliable with no loss of efficiency over their lifespan, compared to a conventional boiler which can lose up to 2% per year.

When heat pumps are coupled to solar panels, heating systems can become carbon neutral, which is ideal for businesses that must adhere to stringent energy guidelines.

Powerhug is a MCS certified installer which ensures that all equipment meets excellent
standards of performance and all our installers are technically safe and competent.

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